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« on: 28 July 2016, 10:18:14 »
Stupid people do tend to go with the bad guys. Melange is sometimes difficult to distinguish which one is wicked fools. The bad[url] guy was always doing stupid things. The misguided fools do evil things.

Wicked in China before he was even sworn not to be the seven other nations. And ducked my head drum stool.
.. In the town of San penis Hunan, Guangxi evil sect has inherited from generations to generations. Wait a robbery from merchants. The sect is split into two pulses of the Office of the Master of the tune and the Office of Alumni's Banphot bamboo magic before admission in court. Everyone must swear to them Jude agrees that not be the seventh state to get into office. Because the magic of this line by line to put the Lightning. So, figure out how to avoid lightning. And must be done in the days before the Chinese New Year by wearing hemp mourning. Take all the money that was stolen over a period of three years and a pile of leaves in a bucket of feces seven. Then butted heads before the lodge into the tank several times to expel the stool god heaven .....

In this regard the sect Banphot bamboo species studied magic in petty. Steal a little, too The myth that the study of mystical sect Banphot bamboo stools to remove the submerged tank. By claiming to evade the lightning that seemed very attractive bamboo sect Banphot know the kind. That in itself is evil sect Heaven must be furious Therefore, relying on the dirt to avoid lightning. Suits the folly of Evil.

From the foreword by the author of "Belgian Lei Sheng" devoid of religious mind.

Why do evil?
One wrong does not really intend to do it badly.
Two thought it was cool, progressive.
3 generations the benefits but do not yet do so.
4 ideological surrender to evil ideology.
5 would like to concentrate on the bad habits already.
6 ................

Fool the bad guys It is often a pretext for evil as well.
The bad guys often use the same excuse to do evil. (Known as looping. Maunder)
The fool always remember the words of the bad claims. (I think not).

It is a plea that freedom, human rights, not equal, who do not agree are lagging behind, Feng Yia The people who do not agree with the opponents, witch hunt, but do not split the difference. It is evident that all use the same excuse it.

Good or evil is just evil Ladnigwmืa. The difference is only a thin line, but it is good, it is evil.