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ชุดท่อ Cargraphic Exhaust System - Cayenne E3 Hybrid 2020 9Y0

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ชุดท่อ ยี่ห้อ Cargraphic - Cayenne E3 2020 Hybrid ราคา 200,000.-

LINE ID: jackh

Rear silencer for 3,0l V6 Cayenne E-Hybrid E3 with electronic exhaust valves.
Valves open:
Aggressive amplified enhanced SUPER SOUND note, sharper, crisper and volume increasing freer flowing mode - also accompanied with burbling and backfire with every application of the accelerator pedal.

Valves closed:
Quieter tuned enhanced sporty SOUND note, practical pleasant cruising mode.

CARGRAPHIC Sport Rear Silencer
- with electronic exhaust valves
- 4x 100mm sport tailpipes
- Gloss-Black Enamelled
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